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Mugged in Singapore.

As the saying goes: ‘hindsight is a wonderful thing’. Indeed, with hindsight, it was the perfect crime. We’d been warned, heeded the warning but continued onwards nevertheless. The crime scene was well chosen: a narrow pathway, barely wide enough for one person to pass through. With very few people venturing this deep into the Singapore jungle, the likelihood of witnesses was slim.

Singapore is a wonderful city, bursting with natural beauty. We’d been immersed in its culture and offerings and today was no different. We headed deep into the MacRitchie Reservoir trails.


The sun was beaming in the sky. The backdrop was picturesque, a nature lovers’ paradise. Magnificent trees towered above and striking flowering shrubs lined the trial. Beads of sweat were falling as we trekked further into the pristine forest and came face to face with a local resident. We watched from a distance for a moment, wondering whether to turn back or to continue. He seemed to be observing potential victims, inspecting from a far to see what property could be stolen.

There was two of us, one of him. We’d come too far to turn back. He was smaller than us, we thought we would emerge from the passage unscathed. We were wrong.

We approached confidently, meaning to pass without incident but it wasn’t to be. He had his eyes locked on the prize. He shadowed us for a few moments before the attack.

We were mugged.

The criminal: a long-tailed macaque monkey. The stolen property: a packet of salt and vinegar crisps.



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