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5 Blogs That Inspired My Travel Plans

I’ve read hundreds of travel blogs, before and after, I decided to attempt to write one myself. As with all forms of media, not all blogs are to everyone’s taste. I have found many blogs I have enjoyed but I have also found many that don’t engage me at all; some writing styles really don’t appeal to me, while others really capture my attention.

Readers have different objectives when reading blogs: some want to be inspired by a new destination, some want to know facts and figures and others want to gain practical advice. I have had each of these aims when delving into the world of travel blogging and there are blogs out there for every purpose. The more I read, the more I was inspired and more importantly I was convinced, that travelling for more than just a holiday, was something attainable.

Below are 5 of the blogs that I regularly read and take inspiration from:

11698886_10153013139459067_3285024519289543961_n Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt needs little introduction, with over one hundred thousand followers on Facebook and Twitter, he has inspired millions with his travel stories, tips and photos.  He is also author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. I read this book after I had planned the majority of my trip and although it covered many issues I had already overcome, it was great to reinforce that I was on the right track. It has country centric advice which is really handy and detailed accounts on how to travel on a budget. Although the book is clearly aimed at the budget traveller, it really is a travel ‘bible’ with tips that can be utilised within any budget. Reading it, I feel that if you had no idea where to start on planning your travels, this book could guide you through planning and embarking on a successful trip. It is obvious Matt has the backing of several establish companies but it never feels like he is over selling or pushing products/companies he doesn’t believe in. The advice is simple and practical and could help anyone take the leap of faith into the world of travelling.

Nomadic Matt makes this list as he convinced me entirely that long term travel is possible and affordable.

lJma5eql Just a Pack

Just a Pack are Randi and Michael, two friends from New York, USA. At present they live out of their backpacks and travel on a budget full time. This blog has made my list for its accessibility and usability. I find this to be one of the clearest and concise blogs. I can always find the information I’m looking for and it’s written so brilliantly that the facts can be absorbed effortlessly. The articles are broken down into easily digestible sections and enhanced by inspiring pictures. It’s nice to have the different perspectives from both Randi and Michael and their use of price guides makes them a really useful source of information for travellers, whether planning their trip or while on the road.

 uLBnbHq5 Goats on the Road

Goats on the Road are Nick and Dariece, two Canadian writers and videographers. They aim to feature some of the off-track destinations of the world and explain how they find numerous ways to fund their full-time exploration lifestyles. I particularly like the video aspect of this blog (or vlog to be more precise), it gives a real insight into the destinations and you can experience some of the fantastic journeys alongside these two digital nomads.

The sustaining travel section of their website is also jam-packed with ideas on how you too could afford to jet off on a new adventure. So, for making me consider that there are ways to make a living while travelling, Goats on the Road make my list.

iXTAg_tB.jpeg The Broke Backpacker 

The Broke Backpacker (@wandering_will) is an adventurer and journalist who is embarking on a intriguing trip from the UK to Papau New Guinea over 4 years. He plans to do this on only $20 a day and without flying. His ambitious plans are fascinating and I know I will follow his journey over the next few years to see where this adventure takes him.

The most motivational theme of Will’s blog was that leaving a 9-5 life, for a new nomadic lifestyle, wasn’t impossible. I instantly related to his #ditchyourdesk hashtag and there were plenty of tips and advice on how to set out on a new adventure. While his own travel plans are much more ambitious than my own, Will seems to come across as approachable in his writing, you feel he is genuine and passionate and it is infectious. For that and for persuading me that ditching my desk it not only something I need to do but something that I can do, The Broke Backpacker makes my list.

rRc9OVdC Freedom Junkies 

Nicole & Michael own and run Freedom Junkies. This blog is different from the others I have mentioned in more ways than one. It is more business focused, more strategically practical and focuses on how to achieve a ‘freedom lifestyle’ through enterprise. As someone who has worked in several entrepreneurial businesses, I enjoy the professionalism of this site. It is perhaps more formal and informative than some of the other sites listed above but it hosts a whole multitude of facts and ideas. These allow you to attain a sustainable online business, enabling you to travel the world while earning an income. These bloggers live a luxury travel lifestyle and it is an interesting contrast to some of the more budget based travel blogs.

This site gives so much practical information is it possible that, even someone with no business experience, could learn from their advice and implement a successful online business.

With a tag line of: life is too short to live anything less than extraordinary, this couple make my list for rousing my aspirations to have a more adventurous life.


3 thoughts on “5 Blogs That Inspired My Travel Plans

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for featuring us Goats! We’re so happy you enjoy our videos and are honoured to be on such great company on your list.

    Happy travels and blogging 🙂


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  3. I too chose to travel more due to reading some of the same bloggers. I know that traveling and meeting new people was something I was always interested in and did it as much as I could but more locally. Now that I’ve gone abroad, I want to continue doing so.


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